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M-TriGen’s micro-combined PowerAire cooling, heat and power system is the most reliable, economically efficient, and environmentally sound solution for the residence or small business.

  • PowerAire is a natural gas Power Generation System capable of delivering power to the home 2 to 3 times as efficiently as the current power grid.
  • PowerAire is capable of delivering all of the Power, Cooling, Hot Water and Space Heating required by the average home or small commercial facility.
  • PowerAire is capable of providing 3 levels of power redundancy and Whole House Uninterruptable Power in addition to providing surge and spike protection.
  • PowerAire is priced comparably to a High Efficiency central air conditioning system or an equivalent whole house standby generator.
  • By using cheap natural gas, PowerAire eliminates the user’s grid electricity costs while providing a unique return on investment (ROI) through power sales back to the grid, a feature not available with standard generator or HVAC equipment.
  • PowerAire is also capable of interconnecting to the utility grid and also to other M-TriGen Systems creating intelligent Mini-Grids capable of sharing and sourcing power using the path of least resistance.

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