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Q. How does the M-TriGen pay for itself?

A. Unlike generic and all other standby generators, there is an actual level of payback for the M-TriGen. M-TriGen's systems are designed to offset standard grid energy costs and to produce power that can be sold to the grid together with other renewable energy systems. The ability to resell to the grid is limited to the rules and regulations of the retail power service provider at the location.

Q. What is the payback for the M-TriGen?

A. The M-TriGen is not a system that was created to produce a calculated period or standard ROI. It produces electricity at less cost than that of grid transmitted energy. The capital costs are offset by the expense one would incur for individual appliances such as a standby generator, and an air conditioning unit, furnaces, condensers, hot water tanks, and pool heaters, which must be included to produce a true ROI. Generally speaking, the ROI for a complete system where sell-back to the grid is possible will range from 3 to 7 years. 

Q. What is included in the generation costs?

A. The daily operating cost consists of the market price of fuel, primarily natural gas or propane.

Q. Are there any tax credits or rebate programs?

A. There is a 10% federal tax credit for commercial applications of combined heat and power. If solar power is incorporated into the system, certain tax advantages can be carried over from the 30% solar tax credit since there are certain components within the M-TriGen system that apply.

Q. How does the price of natural gas effect the ROI projections?

A. The highest cost that is considered in the ROI is the price of natural gas and the capital cost of acquiring and installing the unit. The ROI period will increase as the cost of natural gas rises.

Q. What is the effect of runtime on the life expectancy of the engine?

A. M-TriGen systems are designed to provide years of uninterrupted service. However, as with any appliance, the runtime hours have a direct relation to the expected life of the unit. M-TriGen is designed to run for 60,000 hours before a major overhaul is considered.


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