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Q. How does this device work?

A. MCCHP systems, such as M-TriGen's PowerAire, combine to produce cooling as well as heat and power. Sometimes referred to as Tri-Generation, combined cooling, heat and power systems achieve very high levels of efficiency in the production of power, heat and cold air. Efficiency levels achieved using this technology provide the user with significant cost savings and reduced impact to the environment.

Q. What are the benefits of M-TriGen?

A.    CHP is more efficient than separate generation of electricity and thermal energy

    •   Higher efficiency translates lower operating costs

        Higher efficiency reduces emissions of all pollutants, including CO2, NOX and SO2

        CHP can increase power reliability and enhance power quality

        On-site electric generation reduces grid congestion and avoids distribution costs.

Q. Can the unit power the entire home?

A. That would depend on the size of the home and the loads that you wish to power. In a conventional 2,000 sq. ft. home, the system can be configured to provide all of the cooling and heating that is necessary through the PowerAire system. The system provides 6kW of electric power that should be sufficient to power all of the loads of a conventional home. A bank of batteries provides sufficient power to handle peak and surge loads of high demanding motors and appliances. A universal load management system provides priority logic for any critical electrical loads. 

Q. Will this device replace my electrical provider?

A. Again, that would depend on the size of the home, the loads that you wish to power and your desire to be off grid. In many cases it becomes the primary source of power with the grid as backup.

Q. What, specifically, differentiates this from standard generic or other natural gas generators, other than capturing the exhaust heat?

A. Generic generators are only designed for standby duty, unlike M-TriGen that is designed for continuous duty. Continuous duty generators are designed to last under severe conditions, whereas standby units are designed to provide power for short periods of time. Generic generators have very low efficiency ratings and therefore burn 2 to 3 times more fuel than the M-TriGen.

Standby generators are also sized to provide loads to all of the appliances in the house cumulatively as opposed to real consumption patterns. This often results in the over sizing of the unit that also affects the efficiency of the system negatively. The PowerAire is a heavy duty system designed to run continuously but will throttle faster or slower to meet the load demand of the home. 

Q. How loud would the system be?

A. The M-TriGen is designed not to exceed the noise level of conventional outdoor HVAC condensers (68 db). Hospital grade and critical grade silencers are available as optional equipment to meet the needs of the most noise sensitive applications.

Q. Can I drive my current HVAC system with the PowerAire system?

A. The M-TriGen PowerAire is often times compatible with some of the components already in place in homes with HVAC systems. A home survey is required to determine what components may be reused. The PowerAire is configured as an independent HVAC system, but may be integrated to existing HVAC systems with additional design and engineering. Please consult our design team if you have a special need that requires the integration of the PowerAire with and existing HVAC system.

Q. Can M-TriGen power my air conditioning during a power outage if I don't install the PowerAire system?

A. Our PowerGen system operates to provide electrical power to a built-in generator that could handle a standard HVAC system.

Q. What is the difference between the PowerFurnace and the PowerAire system?

A. The PowerFurnace provides electrical power and heat for reuse, whereas the PowerAire additionally provides air conditioning. 

Q. What is the impact of dehumidifying the air in my home using this system on my AC power usage?

A. With independent control of humidity, the temperature of the space can be raised (2 to 3 degrees F), without sacrificing comfort, resulting in significant energy savings. In addition, controlling the space humidity in the 45-50% RH range, improves indoor air quality by preventing the growth of mold, mildew and, in particular, dust mites, which can trigger many allergies. 

Q. What if I incorporate it into my solar hot water heating system?

A. M-TriGen is compatible with more solar hot water systems. Out system was designed to provide an independent hot water circuit that can be integrated to existing solar hot water, boiler systems, hot water tanks, water to air radiators, etc.

Q. How will this work if I have a solar electric system with Enphase Micro-Inverters, and I don't want to re-string the system?

A. The PowerAire system is designed to integrate and control renewables like solar or wind power through its built-in inverter. However, M-TriGen can be designed to work side by side or together with Micro-Inverter systems. Our design team will be able to suggest configurations once you provide your existing system drawings. We can also do a site survey and a proposed system design drawing.

Q. If I am building a new home and my architect or builder has no knowledge of how to integrate this equipment into the design, can you provide design services and if so, what is the process and what are the fees?

A. M-TriGen provides design and integration support services for the integration of the M-TriGen into both new and existing homes. For new applications we would review the project plans and work with either the architect or HVAC subcontractor. 

Q. What size swimming pool can be heated?

A.  The system can be configured to provide as much as 6 tons of heat (72000 BTU's). The heating impact depends on the size, depth of the pool, and the amount of time the system is operational each day.

Q. What size water tank can be heated?

A. The system can be configured to provide as much as 6 tons of heat (72000 BTU's). This is as much as 75% of a typical homes furnace. In most cases the gas needs for water heating can be eliminated with the use for the systems waste heat.

Q. Can the daily run time be automatically and manually adjusted through the electronic control unit (ECU) on the M-TriGen?

A. The amount of daily run time can be automatically or manually adjusted through the electronic control unit (ECU) on the M-TriGen. The PowerAire unit is remotely addressable from electronic devices such as a cellphone, Ipad or computer. 

Q. What is the largest M-TriGen you can make?

A. M-TriGen currently builds 5 kWe to 10 kWe systems.

Q. What colors do they come in?

A. Beige.

Q. How long has M-TriGen been in business?

A. M-TriGen has been in business since 2011 and has been conducting R&D for 6 years.

Q. Has the system been tested by any safety standards or to some specifications?

A. M-TriGen will secure such certification as the market demands in the near future.

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