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Q. What is involved with the installation and how long does it take?

A. The installation of the applications such as dehumidifier and air conditioning will require similar time and requirements as those of a conventional HVAC system. Typically, these items can be retrofitted and operational within 2 days. The same can be said of the plumbing related services such as water heating and pool heating.

Q. How much space do I need?

A. The main unit it installed outside and takes up the space of a conventional standby generator. In some instances, depending on the air flow requirements of the PowerAire unit, we may require additional space of 3X5 ft. to place a supplemental condenser system.

Q. How many separate contractors will be performing the work (electrical, HVAC, MEP, etc.)?

A. Preferably, one contractor should complete the entire contractor in time. Typically, a good HVAC contractor would be licensed to do plumbing and other required work.

Q. Can my builder install your system and will the warranty be affected if the builder is not a certified or licensed installer?

A. Yes, However, the warranty will be affected if the system is not installed by a trained and certified installer and inspected before startup by M-TriGen.

Q. Are there any issues meeting conventional building codes for permitting and are inspectors going to have issues with areas of uncertainty if this does not meet conventional standards?

A. There are no major issues with permitting since the system is composed of standard equipment and interfaces per NEC code.

Q. Can I put this in myself?

A. No. the PowerAire system can only be installed by a trained and certified installer. The warranty will be affected if the system is not inspected before startup by M-TriGen. 

Q. Will I need to modify my electrical system for the power output?

A. The PowerAire system includes an additional distribution/circuit (dedicated load) panel, inverter system, and battery bank. as well as a load management system.

Q. Can you use the existing electrical and/or refrigeration lines to adapt to this device?

A. This is not a proven option at this time, but will potentially be in the very near future.

Q. How does this hook into my existing HVAC system?

A. The suggested installation includes the connection of a secondary air handler as a method of interfacing the M-TriGen system with the homes existing systems.

Q. Should I keep my old A/C?

A. This is optional based on the selected design of the system. Generally the M-TriGen PowerAire serves as the primary A/C system but if desired it can supplement or manage the existing system. The decision to keep the existing system is based on a number of considerations that should be discussed.

Q. I have a 5 ton and a 3 ton- should I remove one for this?

A. You may do so, as the PowerAire will provide less expensive and more efficient HVAC than most conventional systems.

Q. What kind of gas line hookup do I need?

A. A 1-1/4" iron pipe connection is recommended.

Q. Does the system require regular maintenance?

A. Yes.

Q. What level of maintenance is required?

A. An initial service is recommended upon the first 700 hours of usage and then subsequent service calls are recommended every 2500 hrs or every 6 months (whichever occurs first). The service technician will change out filter elements and also change out the oil as is recommended by the engine manufacturer.

Q. What types of things are covered under the warranty provided?

A. All major components. The warranty does not cover filters and other expendable items. 

Q. What is the warranty on the installation?

A. 2 years on components and parts; 5 years for major components such as engine, alternator and compressor. Standard wearables (clamps, hoses, etc.) are not warranted.

Q. Is there an extended warranty available and/or a maintenance contract available?

A. Yes, M-TriGen can provide a service agreement to help extend the life of the equipment.

Q. If I incorporate this system and integrate it with my existing A/C, furnace, pool heating, etc. am I at risk of voiding my warranties on those existing appliances?

A. That would depend on the warranties of your existing appliances. Please consult with your existing appliances manufacturers.

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