Advanced Design with Multiple Patents Pending


PowerCore is an intelligent fully enclosed power management, storage and delivery appliance that provides all-in-one load management and an uninterruptible power system (UPS).

PowerCore offers full integration of storage, supplemental and back-up power for all loads as well as full integration of switching, safety power cut off and shore / grid power sensing.

PowerCore provides intelligent power management, power storage and uninterruptable power with load shaving, peak shaving, universal power distribution, load monitoring and grid power sensing.

PowerCore’s Main Components:

  • Grid interactive inverter charger
  • Automatic transfer switch
  • Intelligent load management relay sub panel
  • Solar charger
  • Battery storage
  • System distribution panel
  • Communications module
  • Grid Sell back (optional)
  • Load and Peak shaving
  • Universal power distribution
  • DC and AC generator integration
  • Load monitoring and grid power sensing.
  • Remote addressability
  • Power management module


GasAire is an intelligent, fully enclosed outdoor heat pump integrated with refrigerant and hydronic loop that cools, heats and saves because it is powered by natural gas or propane.

GasAire integrates simultaneously to cooling and refrigeration loads using electronic expansion valves which operates quietly at 58 to 62 db.

GasAire is powered by natural gas or propane and, therefore, has fail safe operation compared to full electric grid operation.

GasAire provides 5 to 16 ton cooling and heating that integrates with existing R410A HVAC systems, through engine driven compressors that work independently from the electric compressors.

GasAire’s patented design integrates engine waste heat for exceptional operating efficiency and performance to drastically decrease electricity use for cooling and heating applications.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (‘VRF’) allows the integration of multiple evaporators and condensers simultaneously to continue to heat even when ambient temperature is below 20 degrees F.

GasAire uses R-410A refrigerant to avoid working with multiple refrigerants, and works with gas heat pumps that use 0% - 10% of the energy of electric heat pumps, while reducing peak load power demand.

GasAire’s Main Components:

  • Hydronic heat exchanger and loop
  • Communications module
  • Internal combustion engine
  • Engine driven compressor
  • Intelligent control panel