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“MTriGen honored as an Energy Innovation Pioneer by IHS Markit for #CERAWeek 2018, The world's most prestigious annual gathering offering insight into the energy future “

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The first of it’s kind –by producing cooling, heat and power simultaneously, PowerAire increased your energy efficiency two to three times greater than the electrical grid.

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PowerAire allows for net-metering of unused electricity. Inputs for solar or wind power provide a renewable energy interface to your building and the grid.



High energy batteries provide uninterruptable power and the engine continues to produce cooling, heat and power during a power outage.



The engine runs on clean burning, domestically produced natural gas or propane. This low cost fuel - in addition to the system's high efficiency design - helps reduce your energy bill.



Kevin Robert, Chairman and CEO m-trigen

Kevin Robert, M-TriGen CEO, participates on a CERAWeek panel discussion on the role of startups in creating innovation in the energy sector

Energy Innovation Pioneers: Harnessing Innovation to Cut Costs & Increase Consumer Choice - full session

Global Technology Conference 2017

Donald Williams testimonial at the Global Technology Conference 2017 (GTC2017)

M-Trigen Energy Independence From Concept to Reality

• Higher efficiency translates lower operating costs • Higher efficiency reduces emissions of all pollutants, including CO2, NOX and SO2 • CHP can increase power reliability and enhance power quality • On-site electric generation reduces grid congestion and avoids distribution costs.

Energy Independence the missing link to Distributed Power

MCCHP systems, such as M-TriGen's PowerAire, combine to produce cooling as well as heat and power. Sometimes referred to as Tri-Generation, combined cooling, heat and power systems achieve very high levels of efficiency in the production of power, heat and cold air. Efficiency levels achieved using this technology provide the user with significant cost savings and reduced impact to the environment.

PowerAire in Michigan

Micro combined heat and power, or micro-CHP, is an extension of the well established use of co-generation technology for single family homes, small office buildings, or other small commercial and industrial facilities.


M Street Homes has integrated a great technology into New homes called a Micro Tri-Generation

PowerAire by M-Trigen

PowerAire makes the most efficient use of fuel by producing cooling, heat and power at the point of use allowing the home or business owner to benefit from distributed power and maximum efficiency in energy generation. This process is typically two to three times more efficient as a centralized electrical utility grid. The result is lower energy bills.

Kevin Robert - MTrigen - Texas Business Radio


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